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What is the difference between HTTPS Inspection and MITM?

This article is for IT support.

HTTPS Inspection and MITM are similar functions for intercepting text sent from your users’ devices for filtering and reporting.

"HyperText Transport Protocol Secure" (HTTPS) Inspection requires a School Manager physical appliance on your network. A security certificate is installed on devices (like shared computers in your library) to use your physical appliance. The certificate allows your School Manager appliance to sit between the device and the internet. School Manager will intercept, decrypt, and filter text before it is sent to specified websites and can enforce Safe Search.

“Man In The Middle” (MITM) is an optional function for Connect running on your user’s Windows, macOS, and iOS/iPadOS devices. It does not need a School Manager physical appliance and intercepts text to specified websites anytime the user's device is connected to the Internet. MITM can also add commands when a user opens a Microsoft or Google sign in to ensure they can only access their school account. Connect will intercept and inspect text from your users’ devices.

When your IT support enables either HTTPS Inspection or MITM, they add supported websites like Bing, Google search, YouTube search or Vimeo to a list of inspected sites. Your IT support can configure School Manager to perform any of the following functions when a user opens a site on the Inspected list:

  • Enforcing Safe Search to omit adult search results from Google, Bing, and YouTube
  • Blocking specific search terms or categories of topics on Bing, Google or YouTube
  • Monitoring the text in video titles, topics, and descriptions 
  • Recording the text in search and video details for reports including the User Journey Report and Red Flags Reports
  • Limiting Connect users to signing into only school accounts in Google or Microsoft (no access to personal accounts) *

 * Not available for devices using only your School Manager physical appliance

As needed, both HTTPS Inspection and MITM allow your IT support to exclude groups, like teachers, from having their text intercepted, filtered or included in reports.

You can contact Linewize Support for additional assistance with configuring HTTPS Inspection on your School Manager physical appliance or MITM in Configuration > Mobile Agent for devices running Connect.