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Bulk Account Creation FAQ
Understand how to import parent and guardian data using Bulk Account Creation (BAC). Set up School Manager or SCP (School Community Platform) with CSV data when a SIS sync is not available.
Adding Students to School Community Platform
This guide provides instructions on how to add students to School Community Platform (SCP)
Disabling MAC Randomization or MAC Privacy
Prevent duplicate devices from appearing in Linewize School Community Platform by disabling MAC Randomization and MAC Privacy.
Adding, editing and removing a family in SCP
This article explains how to add, edit and remove a family in School Community Platform (SCP).
Navigating the Student List View in SCP
The Student List View allows School Community Platform (SCP) users to view, sort, and manage students within their school.
Viewing a Student's Details in SCP
In the School Community Platform (SCP), you can view and manage student information.
Updating a Student's Year Group in SCP
How to change a student's year group in School Community Manager when they're in the wrong year.
Unlinking Students in SCP
The Unlink Students feature allows you to remove students who have left your school or who have been incorrectly linked so that you can’t see them in your School Community Platform (SCP).
Marking Students as “Not At School” in SCP
School Community Platform (SCP) allows an administrator to mark students as “Not at school” on a given day. Students who are marked “Not at school” will not be filtered by your school’s policy on that day.
Removing Student Devices in SCP
This article explains how to remove a student device from a student’s account in School Community Platform (SCP). Removing devices can be done when a student has old or duplicate devices linked to their account.
Cancelled Parent Accounts in SCP
A cancelled parent account will result in information not being shared with the school’s School Community Platform (SCP). Importantly, an account with a current “cancelled” status will prevent your school from being able to apply content filtering rules to a student's primary learning device during school hours if they go off the school's network and hotspot on another device. This will also result in their child not appearing in your school’s SCP.
Creating staff accounts in SCP
This article explains how to create and remove staff accounts in School Community Platform (SCP). It’s important to note that all staff accounts will have Administrator privileges therefore, staff accounts should be given only to the school’s IT administrators.
Viewing student devices in SCP
This article discusses how to see if a student is associated with a device in School Community Platform (SCP).
Alerts in SCP
This article is for IT administrators in schools that use School Community Platform (SCP). Alerts are a feature used to let you know when a student’s take-home devices may no longer be fully filtered or managed by your school. This article explains what the different alerts mean and if you need to take any action.
Managing Situation Changes in SCP
During the school year it is common for students to have changing circumstances, such as family changes, changing year groups or even leaving the school. This article discusses how to manage these changes using School Community Platform (SCP) and how to manage unclaimed students.
Troubleshooting Student Management in SCP
This article discusses some common student management issues in School Community Platform (SCP). It also includes some troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues.