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Updated Articles

  1. Enable Community's Pause Internet Feature

    You can allow parents to pause the internet on their child's devices from their Qustodio parent's app. Use School Manager to enable the feature only outside of school hours or any time of day.
  2. User Journey Report Guide

    The User Journey Report is an aggregated history of a user’s online activities, including opening websites and applications, searching, and streaming videos, and any red flags they may have triggered.
  3. Setting up Linewize Community at your school New

    Linewize Community helps schools support parents in creating a safe environment for learning and child development in and outside of the school.
  4. Sharing student data with parents using Community

    Student data sharing allows parents to see an aggregated view of their child’s usage data on school-managed devices for the current day or an overview of the last seven days.
  5. School Manager Activity and Compliance Report Guide

    The Activity and Compliance report covers information about breakdown of Expected versus Actual connections. This report also provides detailed information about the top students who have used up the allocated expectations versus those who have not.
  6. Search Reports Guide

    Search Report is a record of all queries completed by students in search engines for general information, and video streaming sites. This guide provides an overview of the Searches dashboard, as well as how to view and generate search reports.
  7. Troubleshooting Network Connectivity with a School Manager physical appliance

    This article discusses some troubleshooting steps to follow if you have a School Manager appliance installed at your school and are having networking connectivity issues. Please attempt each of the troubleshooting steps before contacting Linewize Support.
  8. Setting Up Filtering Reports and Alerts in School Manager

    Your IT support or Filtering Admin can set up weekly email reports or real-time email alerts inside filtering rules. The notifications can be sent to any email address.
  9. Setting Up Device Alerts for IT Support

    School Manager can send email alerts to IT adminstrators about changes in network connectivity or outages. Use these steps to set up the Alerting options in the Debugging > Diagnostics menu.
  10. Using Advanced Search in School Manager

    Learn about the functions in the Advanced Search interface in School Manager. See a summary of how to use filters, conditional fields, a preview of the search results, and download all data.