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Updated Articles

  1. Community Parent Management

    Community Parent Management in School Manager allows schools to view, edit, and delete the Parents who are linked to students at their school.
  2. Finding Videos Viewed Outside of YouTube

    How do you support students who are watching too many videos or choosing poor video topics? By searching categories associated with video content, you can uncover niche and local hosts of videos.
  3. Reviewing Blocked Videos

    How can you review when and what type of video content students were blocked from vieiwing? Search the Blocked report for common categories of video content to help users make better video choices.
  4. Domains to allow on your school's firewall

    This article outlines the domains that should be allowed on your school’s firewall. The whitelisting of these domains will enable connectivity to all Linewize services.
  5. Creating Temporary Sessions in School Manager

    A Temporary Session gives a user temporary access to the network. Temporary sessions are helpful when active users need to connect their unauthenticated devices, such as BYODs, to the school network.
  6. Setting Up Teachers' Access to Classwize Student Journey Report

    This article describes the requirements and the steps on how to give teachers access to the Classwize Student Journey Report.
  7. Connect for macOS 3.6.0 Release Notes

    macOS 3.6.0 is primarily a maintenance release with some new features.
  8. School Manager 2021-010 Release Notes

    This release of School Manager features a new DNS filtering exclusion.
  9. School Manager 2021-011 Release Notes

    We continue to add improvements to School Manager to make sure exporting the Student Journey Report is stable and Time Period Object configurations reflect the device’s time zone. We have also squashed a bug that caused a blank screen to appear in place of data.
  10. School Manager 2021-012 Release Notes

    In this release of School Manager, we have fixed a bug that caused drop-down lists and options to appear incorrectly when editing rules.