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Updated Articles

  1. Domains to allow on your school's firewall

    See the list of domains to allow in your firewall to ensure School Manager, Linewize Connect, and Classwize connectivity in your network.
  2. How "Noise" Works

    The Noise feature allows you to show or hide traffic like advertising, software updates, and content delivery networks in reports. Find a list of the categories of traffic considered as Noise.
  3. Enabling WMI to Work with School Manager

    Steps to configure an account with the appropriate permissions to allow a non-domain admin account to collect WMI security events.
  4. Bypassing Domains, Infrastructure, and LDAP Servers

    Using Bypass Domains, IT administrators can allow certain domains to bypass Content Filtering Rules. Some schools have strict block rules but set up bypass domains to prevent the blocking of specific websites, local servers and other IT infrastructure.
  5. School Manager Authentication Agent Deployment

    How to deploy the Authentication Agent to Windows and Mac devices to notify School Manager appliances of user authentication changes in real time.
  6. Red Flags and Alerts Guide

    This guide provides an overview of red flags, steps on how to view red flags from different interfaces, and how to configure reports and alerts.
  7. Activity and Compliance Guide

    The Activity and Compliance report covers information about breakdown of Expected versus Actual connections. This report also provides detailed information about the top students who have used up the allocated expectations versus those who have not.
  8. Using Advanced Search

    Learn about the functions in the Advanced Search interface in School Manager. See a summary of how to use filters, conditional fields, a preview of the search results, and download all data.
  9. Finding Distracting Websites using School Manager’s Advanced Search

    Investigate connection activity to find websites that are distracting your users. Help your teachers and wellbeing staff see which websites are keeping students from focusing on their class work.
  10. Enabling HTTPS Inspection

    HTTPS Inspection allows School Manager to check keywords entered into search engines and to filter website links before the data is encrypted and sent over the internet.