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Switching to a Different School Manager Device

If your school or district has multiple campuses, School Manager allows you to independently manage the configuration and filtering settings for each campus by quickly switching which device you're working on.

Schools with Multiple Devices

When a school or district is first set up with School Manager, the Linewize Deployment team will set up a physical device and link it to your School Manager platform. This device will be connected to the school's network infrastructure to allow monitoring and filtering. If you belong to a school with multiple campuses or a district with multiple schools, each campus or school may be set up with its own device which can have its own settings, including its own filtering rules.  All of the devices for your school or campus can be managed from within School Manager, and you can swap between them to manage each device and its settings independently, or to get information about students using that device.

Switching Device

  1. Select the Device dropdown.
  2. Select Switch Device.
  3. You will now see all the available devices. Select the Name of the device you want to change to.
  4. The Device will now be changed in School Manager.