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Signing in to School Manager for the First Time

This article is for all School Manager users.

Before You Start

The URL you use to sign into to School Manager is based on your region. Use this list to find the web address you will use to sign in. 

Your regionSign in here
New Zealand 
United Kingdom 
United States 


When your school’s IT administrator creates an account for you, you will receive a confirmation email from “”. The email will include your email address and a temporary password.

  1. Open the email from “” with the subject line "Linewize account created" .

  2. Copy or make a note of the temporary password and select the link in “Please click here …” to verify your account.

  3. Click the Log In button.

  4. Enter your email address and temporary password. Click Sign In.

If you used a password to sign in, we you immediately reset your School Manager password. If you signed in with Google Single Sign On, you do not need to reset your password.