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Enforcing Safe Search


Blocking Specific Search Keywords
You can block students from using specific keywords in searches. Some keywords that might seem safe, but trigger inappropriate search results. Use these steps to temporarily block problem keywords until it is safe for the students to use them.
Enforcing Safe Search in Connect for Chrome
You can ensure explicit search results are blocked in Google Search, Bing, and YouTube. Use these steps to enable Safe Search on devices using Connect for Chrome in a web browser.
Enforcing Safe Search in Connect for Windows, macOS, and iOS
Follow these steps to communicate your Safe Search settings to Microsoft Bing, Google Search, and YouTube search. Ensure Windows, macOS, and iOS devices do not display adult search results.
Enforcing Safe Search for School Manager Physical Appliances
You can configure your School Manager physical appliance to block explicit search results in Google, Bing, and YouTube searches. Protect devices running only Linewize SSL while on your school network.