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School Manager Release Notes

School Manager 2022-012 Release Notes

07/27/2022Shauna Kinney
We have improved the block page with a straightforward message and simple graphics. Users will see one of three new graphics when they attempt to access content that violates a filtering policy.

School Manager - Functionality Removed

06/29/2022Shauna Kinney
We are removing the Bandwidth Quota functionality as a majority of our customers stopped using it when they moved to learn-from-home models and switched to full-cloud deployments.

School Manager 2022-011 Release Notes

06/28/2022Shauna Kinney
We removed the old Dashboard. We also made the Advanced Search available by default to all Reporting roles. The Apps and Websites report gives you access to more details.

School Manager 2022-009 Release Notes

04/21/2022Amy Hightower
In School Manager 2022-009, School Manager releases a new and improved Dashboard and login experience.

School Manager 2022-007 Release Notes

03/30/2022Shauna Kinney
We improved the Red Flags report. Wellbeing staff and school leadership can now filter by the Red Flag category. This allows you to see only the users who triggered a specific type of Risk Indicator.

School Manager 2022-004 Release Notes

02/10/2022Shauna Kinney
We changed how we retrieve data in School Manager to prevent any issues with the data retrieval in the future.

School Manager 2022-003 Release Notes

02/03/2022Shauna Kinney
In School Manager 2022-003, we simplified the Weekly Wellbeing Report Email. Get a quick understanding of what is happening in your school including Red Flags.

School Manager 2022-002 Release Notes

01/27/2022Shauna Kinney
In School Manager 2022-002, we updated the layout of the Daily Alert Digest Email. Your list of filtering violations are easy to read in a clean, new table format.

School Manager 2022-001 Release Notes

12/16/2021Karla Inigo
The January 2022 release of School Manager adds the ability to filter Top Level Domain Extensions (TLDE). The format of the weekly emails is refined. And, it's now easier to send feedback to our team.

School Manager 2021-019 Release Notes

12/16/2021Karla Inigo
We have introduced more improvements to the Advanced Connection Search to help you generate reports more quickly and accurately. We have also introduced improvements to the emailed reports and squashed a few bugs.