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School Manager Knowledge Drawer Guide

The Knowledge Drawer is a handy reference tool that contains help guides and links to useful content about Linewize products. It allows you to access information about how to use the features of your Linewize products, including School Manager, SphireOS and Linewize Connect, directly from within School Manager.

Opening the Knowledge Drawer

When you select Help  on the toolbar, the Knowledge Drawer panel will appear on the right side of the screen, showing recommended articles or help guides that are relevant to the School Manager page that you are currently browsing. You can also search the full Linewize Knowledge Base from inside the Knowledge Drawer.

Navigating the Knowledge Drawer

The Knowledge Drawer features:

  • Help Center Tab: shows the help categories. Select a category to display sub-categories, links to, or contents of help articles.  Selecting sub-categories or opening help articles also creates a bread crumb to help you navigate to a previous page or category.  

  • Recommended Tab: shows the links to help articles that are relevant to the current screen on display.  In the following example, the Recommended tab shows links to guides on how to generate and use reports on users’ connection history and online activities. If there’s only one recommended article for that screen, the Knowledge Drawer will show it in full.

school manager knowledge drawer recommended articles

  • Search Bar: lets you search for articles within the application. Search results appear as keywords are entered. 

school manager knowledge drawer search bar, search for help articles

  • Content Area: contains the help articles, links to articles, categories/subcategories, and search results.

school manager knowledge drawer content area, school manager online help