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School Manager Debugging Interface Guide

The Debugging section provides a space for additional School Manager configurations. These configurations also help the Linewize technical support team to diagnose any issues with your appliance or installation of School Manager. 

Warning: It is not recommended to change these options without guidance from Linewize Support United States (844) 723-3932 | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206.

Device Options 

School Manager Device Options

  1. Device Options configures the School Manager device by providing:
  • Device ID - the ID for the School Manager device
  • Device Key - the School Manager device password used by the appliance to pull configuration from the cloud
  • Device Name - the name of the device
  • Timezone - the school or district’s time zone - select from the drop-down list.
  1. Multi-Device Management (MDM) allows the administrator to:
  • Indicate if the device is a parent device by clicking the Is Parent checkbox; or 
  • Indicate the device is a child device by selecting the right parent device from the drop-down list.

Important: Selecting a parent device will remove most of the configuration (including users, groups, classrooms, authentication filtering rules, etc.) on the current device and replace it with the configuration from the parent device.  Contact the Linewize technical support for more information about device configuration.

  1. Agent settings allow administrators to enable or disable:
  • Browser extension connection reporting,
  • Browser extension outside the network (disable only),
  • Browser for Chromebooks (disabled by default), and can be enabled if you see duplicate events reported from Chromebooks
  • Student Auto Enrolment.
  1. Chat Support is set up for the School Manager role.  Select the School Manager check box to enable this feature. 

Device Updates

The Device Updates page provides options for updating the School Manager software.

School Manager Device Updates

Option 1: Automatic updating

  • Select the Enabled checkbox to configure automatic updating.
  • Select a Branch from the drop-down list (optional).
  • Select an Architecture.
  • Set the start time and end time for updating window.
  • Enter the Active Version.

Option 2: Manual updating

  • Select Update to update the device manually. 

Refer to the following guides for more information about School Manager device configurations:

For help or more information about device settings, contact the Linewize technical support team.


The Permissions page allows administrators to assign roles to users in the system. 

Device Manager Permissions

To add and configure permission:

  1. Select Add Permissions.
  2. Enter the email address for the new permission.
  3. Select Add Permissions.

New permissions need to be configured to work according to their intended use or level of access. On the Operations column:

  • Select Edit to configure the new permission; or
  • Select Delete to remove a permission.

Refer to Permissions in School Manager for more information about permissions and which features each permission type can configure.


The Snapshots page provides downloadable copies of the sphirewall.conf file used to configure the School Manager device. To manually take a snapshot, select  Take Snapshot.

School Manager Snapshots

Config Audit 

Config Audit provides an audit trail of some actions in Classwize and School Manager. 

  • The Show Changes operation displays a record of the changes made in the system.
  • The Rollback operation reverts the system to its previous settings.

Important: Use the Rollback operation very carefully or only as directed by Linewize Support United States (844) 723-3932 | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206. Using a Rollback on a change does not only revert that change, but every subsequent change.


The Diagnostics page provides tools for troubleshooting a School Manager device. If any issue occurs in the system, the details captured in the Diagnostics page will help the Linewize support technician to diagnose and resolve it more quickly.    

These tools include:

  • Alarms  
  • Log files  
  • Core dumps 
  • Metrics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Advanced Configuration
  • Net Console

School Manager administrators can set alerts when certain events occur or settings are altered in the system, including disconnections/connections, offline, or failure to connect to the device. 

Select Manage Alerting to enter the email address of the staff or administrator who should receive the alerts.

Warning: We recommend refraining from changing  the configurations in the Diagnostics section without guidance from Linewize Support.