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Restricted Groups and Exceptions Groups

This article is intended for Configuration Administrators and Global Administrators, and applies to the following users:

  • Non-teaching staff and Reporting/Pastoral Care users who are authorized to sign in  to Classwize to monitor students’ online activities
  • Students who have been opted out of Classwize by their guardians

Restricted and Exception groups allow you to configure which users cannot have student tiles in Classwize or be manually added to local classes. These groups also prevent you from accidentally adding school staff as students in Classwize, or students who have been opted out by their guardians. 

Group Membership
Add to Classrooms
via Sync
Add to Local
Student Tile Shows
in Classwize





 Restricted Only




 Exceptions Only




 Restriction and Exceptions





Note: Classwize Rules and Class Tools like Pause and Reward work normally for students in Restricted or Exception groups even if their student tiles don’t show on the Class View.

Restricted Groups

Members of Restricted Groups cannot be manually added to classes in Classwize using the Class Settings or the Modify Students feature. However, if they are assigned to classrooms in School Manager, their student tiles will appear in their pre-assigned classrooms.

Configuring a Restricted Group

You can configure Restricted groups by creating them locally in School Manager or by syncing them from your school’s information or authentication system. 

  1. Go to CONFIGURATION > USERS AND GROUPS > GROUPS to create a group for your restricted users. See Adding a Group for instructions.

  2. Add local users in School Manager or sync your school’s data in School Manager. See Authentication for instructions on syncing users from a third-party service.

  3. Assign the user to the Restricted group. 

  • To assign a local user:
  1. Select their username in CONFIGURATION > USERS AND GROUPS > USERS.
  2. Under Membership, select the Restricted group from the dropdown.
  3. Save your changes.
  • To assign a synced user:
  1. Go to your authentication service to configure their group membership.
  2. Go to CONFIGURATION > AUTHENTICATION and select your school’s authentication service.
  3. Select the Run Sync or Sync link for your service.
    The location of the Sync links may differ for each Authentication configuration page.

  2. Under Teacher Requirements, select your new group from the Restricted dropdown.

  3. Select SAVE to save your changes.

Exceptions Groups

Members of Exception Groups can be added to Classwize Classrooms by syncing or to Local classrooms via the Class Settings or Modify Students in Class features, but their student tiles will not appear in Classwize. 

Students who were opted out of Classwize

Assign them to  Exception Group and Restricted Group to ensure their student tiles do not appear in Classwize.

Adding a new Exception Group

  1. Go to CONFIGURATION> USERS AND GROUPS > GROUPS to create a local group for your Exception users. See Adding a Group for instructions.


  3. Under Classrooms, select your new group from the Exceptions dropdown.
    You can add more groups to the Exceptions.

  4. Save your changes.

Giving Reporting/Pastoral Care Users Monitor-Only Access to Classwize 

Users with the Reporting/Pastoral Care role can only access Statistics and Cyber Safety Reports within School Manager. However,  suppose you want them to be able to sign in  to Classwize to observe their students’ online activities during active classes. In that case, you can create a Monitor-Only group for them and then add their group in Configuration > Classwize > Teacher Requirements > Monitoring Users

See: Enabling Monitor Only Mode Classes in School Manager