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Using Advanced Search in School Manager
Learn about the functions in the Advanced Search interface in School Manager. See a summary of how to use filters, conditional fields, a preview of the search results, and download all data.
Downloading Advanced Search Data from School Manager
Get all the data from your custom search of School Manager connection activity. Download all results from an Advanced Search into tab-delimited text, comma separated values (CSV) or Excel format.
Scheduling Advanced Search Reports in School Manager
This article is for IT support and reporting staff. IT administrators with the Reporting/Filtering, Filtering, and Global Administrator roles can schedule Advanced Search Reports to be sent by email or to a secure file server on a regular s...
Investigating Distractions with School Manager’s Advanced Search
Investigate connection activity to find websites that are distracting your users. Help your teachers and wellbeing staff see which websites are keeping students from focusing on their class work.
Identifying VPN Use with School Manager’s Advanced Search
Discover the potential use of new VPNs, TOR, proxy servers or remote access tools. Use Advanced Search to find users trying to hide their access to inappropriate content.