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Popular Articles

  1. Deploying and Updating Connect iOS for Education

    Deploying the Linewize Connect iOS for Education app will allow you to filter school-managed iOS devices like iPads and iPhones even when they are not connected to your school’s network.
  2. Adding and Editing Users in School Manager

    This guide provides instructions on how to manually add and edit users in School Manager via Configuration > Users and Groups.
  3. Configuring Linewize Connect for Chrome

    A guide that explains how to configure the Linewize Connect extension for Chromebooks - Education
  4. Configuring a Captive Portal

    This article explains how to configure a Captive Portal in School Manager. When you enable Captive Portal, users will have to log in before they can access the internet at your school.
  5. Setting Up Filtering Reports and Alerts in School Manager

    Your IT support or Filtering Admin can set up weekly email reports or real-time email alerts inside filtering rules. The notifications can be sent to any email address.
  6. Blocking Apple's iCloud Private Cloud Relay

    This article describes how to stop users from enabling Apple's iCloud Private Relay to bypass your school's content filter.
  7. Enforcing Safe Search for School Manager Physical Appliances

    You can configure your School Manager physical appliance to block explicit search results in Google, Bing, and YouTube searches. Protect devices running only Linewize SSL while on your school network.
  8. Classwize Configuration Overview

    The Classwize Configuration page contains a variety of options to tailor your school or district's Classwize experience.
  9. Configuring and Managing Classrooms

    This article explains how IT Administrators can set up and manage classes using different methods such as syncing classrooms, importing a CSV or manually creating classrooms. This article also discusses naming convention recommendations and troubleshooting steps.
  10. Creating Content Filtering Rules

    How to create content filtering rules in School Manager