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Popular Articles

  1. Configuring Google Integration

    If your school uses the Google Workspace for Education, you can import your Google Users, Groups, and Classrooms into School Manager.
  2. Configuring LDAP Servers

    How to configure LDAP Servers to sync users and groups into School Manager.
  3. Red Flags and Alerts Guide

    This guide provides an overview of red flags, steps on how to view red flags from different interfaces, and how to configure reports and alerts.
  4. School Manager Debugging Interface Guide

    This Debugging section provides a space for additional School Manager configurations. These configurations also help Linewize Support diagnose any issues with your appliance or installation of School Manager.
  5. School Manager Configuration Interface Guide

    Review the School Manager configuration and Dashboard options. Get an overview of where to enable users, filtering rules, Classwize functions, Connect for Laptops, and Block Page settings.
  6. Manually Updating a School Manager Device

    In the unlikely event that the Support team instructs you to update your device manually, please follow these instructions.
  7. Configuring Azure AD

    How to configure Azure AD to sync and authenticate users and groups from Active Directory through School Manager.
  8. School Manager and Classwize Bypass Codes

    School Manager and Classwize Bypass Codes provide users with temporary access to blocked sites, applications or searches.
  9. Adding and Editing Users in School Manager

    This guide provides instructions on how to manually add and edit users in School Manager via Configuration > Users and Groups.
  10. Password Tips

    Linewize enforces a strong password policy for all School Manager users. Here are tips to help you come up with a good, strong password!