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New Articles

  1. Setting Up Teachers’ Access to Classwize Reports

    You can give access to Classwize Reports in three ways: allow all teachers to access Reports (default), allow some teacher groups to access Reports, block some teacher groups from accessing Reports.
  2. School Manager 2022-013 Release Notes

    We’ve made it easier for IT administrators to set up Classwize Reporting.
  3. Monitoring Videos in School Manager FAQ

    What do you need to know about monitoring videos in School Manager? Find answers to common questions about YouTube, streaming media, and categories of video content.
  4. School Manager Filtering for Student Wellbeing

    This article is intended for filtering, reporting, and IT support staff . Content Filtering in School Manager is both powerful and flexible, allowing you to have granular control over which websites and applications are allowed or blocked at...
  5. Troubleshooting Devices in Fallback Mode

    This article is intended for IT support . You can use the troubleshooting scenarios in this article to investigate the details of users with devices going into Fallback mode. Fallback Mode is triggered when a device has a poor internet connectio...
  6. Reviewing Blocked Videos

    How can you review when and what type of video content students were blocked from vieiwing? Search the Blocked report for common categories of video content to help users make better video choices.
  7. Configuring Timeouts

    Network timeouts are a configuration that controls the time that School Manager keeps you and other users logged in to a device. Timeouts are configured for different durations, days, groups, networks and authentication types.
  8. Reviewing an Users' YouTube Searches

    You can investigate the keywords used in YouTube searches to support students to make better choices about the types of videos and amount of time they spend watching videos.
  9. Off School Manager Network in the Mobile Agent

    Know what the Off School Manager Network configuration in Mobile Agent controls. Find out how to manage your 24-7 filtering or off-campus filtering of students' devices.
  10. On School Manager Network in the Mobile Agent

    Learn what your On School Manager Network configuration in Mobile Agent controls. Understand which functions are available when devices running Connect connect to your physical network.