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New Articles

  1. School Manager 2023-001 Release Notes

    We've made design updates and minor users experience improvements the User configuration page and User Timelines page.
  2. School Manager Filtering for Student Wellbeing

    This article is for filtering, reporting, and IT support . Content Filtering in School Manager is both powerful and flexible, allowing you to have granular control over which websites and applications are allowed or blocked at your school. W...
  3. Reviewing Blocked Video Websites

    How can you review when and what type of video content students were blocked from vieiwing? Search the Blocked report for common categories of video content to help users make better video choices.
  4. Finding Videos Viewed Outside of YouTube

    How do you support students who are watching too many videos or choosing poor video topics? By searching categories associated with video content, you can uncover niche and local hosts of videos.
  5. Excluding Infrastructure from Filtering in School Manager

    You can use IP address objects or MAC address lists with content filtering rules to exclude infrastructure from filtering in School Manager.
  6. School Manager Authentication Agent Deployment

    How to deploy the Authentication Agent to Windows and Mac devices to notify School Manager appliances of user authentication changes in real time.
  7. Creating Content Filtering Policies

    Learn how to manage the content your users can access from school managed devices by creating filtering policies. Know how allow or prevent teachers from overriding some policies.
  8. School Manager Weekly Wellbeing Report Email

    You can quickly see a summary of your users’ online activity in the Weekly Wellbeing Report. The information is ideal for teachers, school leadership, and wellbeing staff.
  9. School Manager 2022-011 Release Notes

    We removed the old Dashboard. We also made the Advanced Search available by default to all Reporting roles. The Apps and Websites report gives you access to more details.
  10. Enabling WMI to Work with School Manager

    Steps to configure an account with the appropriate permissions to allow a non-domain admin account to collect WMI security events.