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Monitoring Video Activity


Videos Report Guide
The Videos Report helps you understand the types of YouTube content your users view. You can use the data to assess the popularity, frequency, and types of YouTube content.
Reviewing an Users' YouTube Searches
You can investigate the keywords used in YouTube searches to support students to make better choices about the types of videos and amount of time they spend watching videos.
Finding Videos Viewed Outside of YouTube
How do you support students who are watching too many videos or choosing poor video topics? By searching categories associated with video content, you can uncover niche and local hosts of videos.
Reviewing Blocked Videos
How can you review when and what type of video content students were blocked from vieiwing? Search the Blocked report for common categories of video content to help users make better video choices.
Monitoring Videos in School Manager FAQ
What do you need to know about monitoring videos in School Manager? Find answers to common questions about YouTube, streaming media, and categories of video content.