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Monitor Only Mode Classrooms

Monitor-Only Mode Classes (Monitoring Classes) are a special type of local classroom that can be used to monitor students’ online activity without interacting with them. Monitor-Only Mode allows schools to give selected Teachers and staff members, like school counsellors, view-only access to student screens as they participate in classes throughout the day.

Monitoring Classes differ from other classes in some important ways:

  • Monitoring Classes are active and show student activity across the whole school day, even if the students aren't in other classes.

  • All Class Tools–except Modifying Students–are disabled.

  • Creating or modifying Classwize Rules is disabled.

  • Classes can have a maximum of 50 students.

  • Only one Monitor-Only Mode class can be active for each teacher at a time.

Enabling Monitor-Only Mode Classes 

To enable Monitor-Only Mode classes, you need to:

  1. Create or sync users.

  2. Create or sync a Monitor-Only group.

  3. Enable the Monitor-Only Mode feature and add the Monitor-Only group.

Creating Users in School Manager

Go to Adding and Editing Users in School Manager for instructions on creating local and synced users in School Manager.

Creating a Monitor-Only Mode Group

Go to Adding and Managing Groups for instructions on creating groups in School Manager.

If your school uses an authentication service

If your school uses an authentication service, like LDAP, Google Integrations or Azure AD, or School Information Service, like Wonde or OneRoster, create your Monitor-Only group in the service and then sync your data in School Manager. 

Go to our Authentication page for instructions on configuring your service and sync your school’s data in School Manager. 

Enabling Classwize Features and Adding your Groups


  2. Under the Classrooms section, enable the Allow Creation checkbox.

  1. Under the Features section, enable Modify Students in Class by selecting it from the Features drop-down.

enable modify students in class

  1. Under the Teacher Requirements section, add your Monitor-Only Mode group from the Monitoring Users drop-down.

You can add other Teacher groups to your Monitoring Classes. Teachers and other users cannot create Monitoring Classes unless their groups are added to the Monitoring Users list.

  1. Save your changes.

Creating a New Monitoring Class in Classwize

You can login as a Teacher in Classwize and create a Monitoring Mode class. You can invite Monitor-Only users and Teachers with full Classwize access to your Monitoring Class.

See Creating Monitor Only Mode Classrooms in Classwize for more information.