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Manually Installing Connect on iOS in Filter-Only Mode
These instructions are for IT administrators in Australia and New Zealand using SCP to install connect on BYO iOS and iPadOS devices.
Deploying and Updating Connect iOS for Education
Deploying the Linewize Connect iOS for Education app will allow you to filter school-managed iOS devices like iPads and iPhones even when they are not connected to your school’s network.
Deploying Connect
In order to enable Classwize and other School Manager features such as off-network filtering, schools may need to install the Connect app or Chrome Extension on all their students’ devices.
Activating Connect
This article covers how to activate Linewize Connect on a student's learning device. It explains manual and automatic activation (Student Auto Enrolment)
Forcing the Connect for Chrome - Education Extension to Update
You can manually force Chrome to update to the latest version of the Connect for Chrome - Education Extension if a student has an old version or is having trouble updating.
Configuring Linewize Connect for Chrome
A guide that explains how to configure the Linewize Connect extension for Chromebooks - Education
Deploying Linewize Connect to School Managed Devices
How to deploy the Connect agent to School Managed devices using your school’s device management platform.
Enabling Student Auto Enrolment
This article covers how to enable Student Auto Enrolment to ease the process of getting the Connect agent or extension enrolled and activated on a student device.
Deploying Linewize Connect for macOS v3+
This guide explains how to configure your Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool to deploy Linewize Connect for macOS to all your macOS devices.
Connect for macOS v3+ Troubleshooting
This article discusses some basic troubleshooting steps if you have trouble deploying Linewize Connect for macOS v3
Sending Connect for Laptops Diagnostics Logs to Linewize Support
In this article, we discuss how you can access the Linewize Connect for Laptops diagnostics page and submit diagnostics logs to Linewize Support. This may be necessary for troubleshooting purposes under the guidance of Linewize Support.
Turning Off iCloud Private Relay on iOS 15+
This article is intended for IT administrators using School Community Platform in Australia and New Zealand managing BYO iOS 15+ and iPadOS 15+ devices. You may need to turn off Private Relay if a users Bring Your Own Device has an iClo...
Fallback Mode
Linewize Connect’s Fallback Mode uses an embedded blocklist to ensure that your student’s devices have CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) and Online Safety Act protection at all times, even when your students' devices are having trouble reaching your school’s network or Linewize servers for filtering verdicts.
Google Admin Console Recommendations
IT support can implement Google Admin Console policies to prevent students from discovering loopholes that stop the Connect for Chrome extension from working properly.