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Getting Started


Signing in to School Manager for the First Time
This step walks you through signing into School Manager for the first time. Learn how to find your sign in details and verify your account.
Signing In to School Manager
This article explains how to sign in to School Manager. It discusses how to change and reset your password and provides some troubleshooting steps if you’re having trouble signing in.
Password Tips
Linewize enforces a strong password policy for all School Manager users. Here are tips to help you come up with a good, strong password!
Resetting a Forgotten Password
Use these steps if you have forgotten your School Manager password and need to reset your login. (These steps do not apply to users logging in with Google SSO .)
Changing Your Password
Use these steps to change your password in School Manager (if you are not using Google Single Sign On). You can enter a 16-digit password from your Account menu after you login.
Switching to a Different School Manager Device
If your school or district has multiple campuses, School Manager allows you to switch between devices to manage configuration and filtering settings for each campus.
School Manager Interface Guide
This guide takes you through the School Manager interface and its features and funcitionalities.
School Manager Dashboard
School Manager’s powerful Dashboard provides you with quick and easy access to key information about what internet activity is happening at your school.
How the Noise Feature Works
This article describes School Manager's Noise feature and how to it works.
School Manager IT Admin FAQ
This article answers some of the most common questions that IT administrators have in the first few months of a new School Manager deployment.
Wellbeing and Pastoral Carer FAQ
This article discusses the frequently asked questions that Wellbeing/Pastoral Care Staff Members may have when using School Manager.
School Manager Knowledge Drawer Guide
The Knowledge Drawer is a handy reference tool that contains help guides and links to useful content about Linewize products. It allows you to access information about how to use the features of your Linewize products, including School Manager, SphireOS and Linewize Connect directly from within School Manager.
Creating Temporary Sessions in School Manager
A Temporary Session gives a user temporary access to the network. Temporary sessions are helpful when active users need to connect their unauthenticated devices, such as BYODs, to the school network.
Start of Year Maintenance Checklists
This article outlines the actions that IT administrators can take to ensure that your Linewize Online Wellbeing platform is optimally configured for the start of a new school year.