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Limiting Teachers' Available Classrooms

This article is for IT support and classroom administrators.

Configuration Administrators and Global Administrators can restrict the classes teachers can see within Classwize by using Group, Class and Provider filters.

Membership & Ownership - Filter by Group


Checking both the Membership and Ownership boxes is not recommended as it can impact the number of classes shown on their dashboard.

Determine which classes Teachers can see in Classwize by configuring the Membership and Ownership checkboxes. 

  • Go to Configuration > Classwize 
  • Under the Teacher Requirements section, configure one of the following:
Not CheckedNot CheckedTeachers see all classrooms. Not recommended for schools with more than 100 active classes to prevent performance issues.
CheckedNot CheckedTeachers see both the classes they own and the classes they are members of.
Not CheckedCheckedTeachers only see classes they own.

Class Filter - Filter by Regex

  • On the Classrooms section, use the Class Filters field to limit the classes teachers can see based on a Regular Expression (Regex). For example, you can enter 2021 to just see those classes. 


  • Use Class Filters when you want to prevent teachers from seeing previous years' classes and want to use the same prefix for the new classes.
  • Regex filter will only apply to LDAP Groups, Google Groups, and Azure Groups.


For Class Filters to function correctly, please use lower case. 

Select Providers - Filter by Information Source

You can use the Class Filter to limit teachers to seeing only their classes managed by Google Classes or Classlink.

  1. Go to Configuration > Classwize.
  2. Scroll down to Classrooms > Class Filter.
  3. Use the Select Providers dropdown to limit which classes a teacher can access.


Locally or manually created classes and groups are always shown. Also, the Providers filter doesn't apply to imported classrooms (CSV), as they are regarded as a Local classroom.