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School Manager Filtering Interface Guide
Filtering allows administrators to set rules on content access, bandwidth, search, and reports. Filtering also enables administrators to create bypass codes, so certain users can temporarily access protected content or connect to the internet from within the network.
Enabling 24/7 Filtering
24/7 filtering mode allows a school or district to enforce School Manager content filtering rules and policies on school-owned devices even when those devices aren’t at school
Blocking Apple's iCloud Private Cloud Relay
This article describes how to stop users from enabling Apple's iCloud Private Relay to bypass your school's content filter.
Limiting iMessage on the School Network
This article recommends solutions on how to limit the use of iMessage on the School Manager network.
Limiting Users’ Access to Google Personal Accounts using School Manager
You can separate user's access to educational and personal Google accounts using a Filtering Rule with a Custom Header. You will be able to specify which Google domains you allow your users to login in to on your network.
Finding Devices in Fallback Mode in School Manager
How do you find the devices that used Fallback Mode? You can use these steps to search for devices running Linewize Connect that went into Fallback Mode when an internet connection was poor.
Troubleshooting Devices in Fallback Mode
This article is intended for IT support . You can use the troubleshooting scenarios in this article to investigate the details of users with devices going into Fallback mode. Fallback Mode is triggered when a device has a poor internet connectio...
School Manager and Classwize Bypass Codes
School Manager and Classwize Bypass Codes provide users with temporary access to blocked sites, applications or searches.
Managing uncategorized sites in School Manager
How to manage uncategorized sites in School Manager. How to identify and verify unclassified traffic in School Manager. Report unclassified and incorrect traffic to Linewize.
Managing Content Delivery Networks with School Manager
How to manage Content Delivery Networks with School Manager. What is a CDN? How do Websites and Applications use CDNs? Blocking CDNs using School Manager.