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Creating users and assigning Permissions in School Manager
The School Manager Permissions page allows you to set up new School Manager users and control which functions, features and data they can access.
User Roles in School Manager
Find a table of features can School Manager users can manage. Reference the permissions level for your IT staff, school administrators, counseling and pastoral carers, and filtering administrators.
School Manager Debugging Interface Guide
This Debugging section provides a space for additional School Manager configurations. These configurations also help Linewize Support diagnose any issues with your appliance or installation of School Manager.
School Manager Device Options Overview
See definitions of the Device Management settings in Debugging > Device Settings. Explains options to enable School Manager, Classwize, School Community Platform, and Parent access to devices.
Manually Updating a School Manager Device
In the unlikely event that the Support team instructs you to update your device manually, please follow these instructions.
Setting Up Parent and Child Devices in School Manager
This guide provides the steps for setting parent and child devices in School Manager.
Setting Up Device Alerts for IT Support
School Manager can send email alerts to IT adminstrators about changes in network connectivity or outages. Use these steps to set up the Alerting options in the Debugging > Diagnostics menu.