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Cyber Safety


School Manager Cyber Safety Interface Guide
An overview of School Manager's Cyber Safety interface, including the features and functionalities of its sub-pages.
School Manager Red Flags and Alerts Guide
This guide provides an overview of red flags, steps on how to view red flags from different interfaces, and how to configure reports and alerts.
Understanding Red Flag Icons, Colors, and Categories
Understand what the color, icon, and category means for the Red Flags listed beside your users. Find out how the blocked categories are counted and compared to other users in School Manager.
Search Reports Guide
Search Report is a record of all queries completed by students in search engines for general information, and video streaming sites. This guide provides an overview of the Searches dashboard, as well as how to view and generate search reports.
School Manager Activity and Compliance Report Guide
The Activity and Compliance report covers information about breakdown of Expected versus Actual connections. This report also provides detailed information about the top students who have used up the allocated expectations versus those who have not.
Blocked Reports Guide
This guide shows you how to create and work with Blocked reports covering blocked access to applications, websites, and filtering rules or policies.
Detecting VPN Activity Using School Manager
This article discusses how to detect VPN activity at your school. While VPNs have a number of legitimate purposes, they are commonly used by students to attempt to circumvent school internet filtering.
Identifying and Managing VPN Usage
This article discusses what VPNs are? The positives and negatives of VPN use and how to use School Manager to identify and prevent VPN use.