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Connect Release Notes

Connect for macOS 3.6.0 Release Notes

09/05/2022Alvaro Carrillo
macOS 3.6.0 is primarily a maintenance release with some new features.

Connect for Windows 3.6.2 Release Notes

09/05/2022Alvaro Carrillo
Windows 3.6.2 is primarily a maintenance release.

Connect for Windows 3.6.1 Release Notes

07/14/2022Alvaro Carrillo
Connect for Windows 3.6.1 is a significant release that has improved and stabilised the core filtering components, the upgrade and installation process with some exciting new features.

Connect for Chrome Extension - Community 1.3.4 Release Notes

05/23/2022Alvaro Carrillo
23 May, 2022 Welcome to Linewize Connect for Chrome Extension - Community 1.3.4! This release fixes an issue that could prevent students from accessing Google Docs when they were at home or out of school hours. ...

Connect for Chrome Extension - Community 1.3.3 Release Notes

04/12/2022Alvaro Carrillo
This release of the Linewize Connect for Chrome - Community 1.3.3 includes support for Railway Switch when manually enrolling a student.

Connect for Windows 3.6.0 Release Notes

03/31/2022Alvaro Carrillo
This release contains the rollout of Live View for Connect for Windows. This will allow teachers using Classwize to view student’s Windows laptop screen in real time.

Connect for Chrome - Education 2.1.0 Release Notes

03/23/2022Karla Inigo
This release of the Linewize Connect for Education Chrome extension includes new security features, improvements to Live View and Screenshots connections, and optimized performance and page load times for students.

Connect for Windows 3.5.1 Release Notes

03/16/2022Alvaro Carrillo
We added the dynamic header injection functionality to allow blocking students access to personal Gmail and Azure accounts.

Connect for macOS 3.5.1 Release Notes

03/02/2022Alvaro Carrillo
In this release, we addressed the introduction of DNS proxy into proxy mode filtering and have updated log4j to version 2.17.1.

iOS Cloud Proxy 1.2.0 Release Notes

02/08/2022Alvaro Carrillo
In this release, we are rolling out a new feature that blocks Google domains for Education customers who are using Connect for iOS. The release date for this new version is the 8th February 2022, starting at 2:00 pm AEST.