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Connect for Windows 3.6.2 Release Notes

5 September, 2022

Windows 3.6.2 is primarily a maintenance release.

The release schedule is:

Release 1: 5th September

  • Beta-AU
  • Beta-NZ
  • Beta-UK (Early Beta)

Release 2: 8th September

  • Beta US

Release 3: 13th September

  • EA-AU
  • EA-NZ
  • EA-UK (Stable 2)

Release 4: 19th September

  • GA-AU
  • GA-NZ
  • GA-UK (Stable 1)

Due to a newer version Connect for Windows 3.6.3 now being available, we have stopped the 3.6.2 rollout. We will advise when the new version, 3.6.3 will start and be available in your region.

Release 5: 21st September

  • EA-US

Release 6: 26th September

  • GA-US
  • Consumers (Parent Customers)

Please follow our maintenance updates at

New Features

  • We added support for the Classwize Screenshot History Service. This feature will be made available soon in Classwize.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Upgrades to the agent filter to improve performance and stability.
  • We improved the enrollment process
  • We resolved some minor defects