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Configuring Google Integration

If your school uses the Google Workspace for Education, you can import your Google Users, Groups, and Classrooms into School Manager. Once the groups and classrooms have been synced, they can be used as classrooms in Classwize.

Before you start 

Time Required:

Configuration: 15 minutes

Initial sync: Up to three hours, depending on the size of your directory


To enable Google integration with School Manager, you will need: 

  • Your school’s Google domain
  • Credentials for a Google domain account with Super Administrator privileges
  • To enable Google API
  • To enable the following Google Sync Permissions:
    • View organization units on your domain
    • View groups on your domain
    • View users on your domain
    • View the email addresses of people in your classes
    • View your Google Classroom class rosters
    • View your Google Classroom classes
  • If using OAuth, your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret

Linking your Google Domain

Configuring the integration 

To configure Google user authentication

  1. Open School Manager 
  2. Go to Configuration > Authentication > Google

  1. Configure Google integration using the settings tables below and select Save.

Required Settings

Enabled This will allow Google integration
Sync User Database This will allow School Manager to import your Google Users and Groups.
Domain and AdministratorThese are Google credentials needed to integrate the Google Service.

Optional Settings

Strip Domain When Google users are imported, School Manager imports the username as When strip domain is enabled, we will import the user as teacher1. The email address will always be The most common use of this feature is to authenticate Windows or macOS computers when LDAP is not available.
Use FZ Auth APIBy default, the extension will use Google OAuth for authentication. This requires the student to accept a permission that our extension can access their Identity information.

If this is enabled, it will connect directly to the Family Zone cloud authentication service. No explicit acceptance is required by the student to get authenticated.

This operates on and off the network.
Allow Chrome Extension AuthenticationIf this is disabled, the SphireOS doesn't authenticate the user's device, meaning it will use the information collected by the Chrome extension to authenticate the user’s device.
Sync Organization UnitsIf this is enabled, this will sync any organizational units that were previously set up in Google.
OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client SecretWhen using the normal Google sync import, it can take a long time for the sync to occur. By using the customer's API key, it will significantly increase the speed of classroom sync. It will also allow teachers of classrooms to manual sync on demand (need to also enable Configuration > Classwize > Allow teacher to sync Google Classrooms)
Sync By IDSyncing by ID allows you to sync multiple groups with the same name, however under different IDs. Please note, if enabled, Strip Domain doesn't apply to groups anymore and changing this can invalidate existing filtering rules.

Activating the Link

  1. Activate the Google integration by selecting Link on the right-hand panel.

  1. You will be redirected to a Google authorization page. It will autopopulate the Username in the administrator field. 
  2. Select Next then enter the Password
  3. Select Allow and you will be redirected back to the School Manager interface.

Note: All the permissions requested are read-only. Linewize will not make changes to your Google account with the sync.

Validating the Link

  1. Test the connection by selecting Run Sync. When it’s complete, you will see a message, above your settings, that will inform you how many groups and users have been imported from your Google domain.

Note: The initial sync may take up to three hours to complete, depending on the size of your directory. You will still be able to use School Manager while the sync is in progress.

Note: If the sync was unsuccessful, an error message will appear under Sync Status. You will also have the option to Retry Sync.

Google Classroom and Classwize 

Once Google is integrated and the sync is complete, it will import all the Users, Groups, and Classrooms from your Google service to School Manager and Classwize. You can enable teachers to manually sync their Google Classrooms from within Classwize. Syncs from Classwize can be safely be done during school hours, and we have resources for showing teachers how they can sync Google Classrooms in Classwize and identify when one of their classrooms is synced. 

Enabling Google Login for the Captive Portal

If you would like users to be able to log into the Captive Portal with their school Google accounts, you must enable Google Authentication in the Captive Portal section. To do this, navigate to Authentication > Captive Portal and enable the Google Authentication Method in your Captive Portal.

Manually Syncing the Google Service

CautionRunning a manual sync can take up to three hours and can affect the performance of Classwize. It is best done outside of school hours.

Google Classroom automatically syncs with School Manager once a week on the weekend, between 12:01AM Saturday and 11:59PM Sunday in your devices' timezone. However, you have the option to manually sync the two together. This may be helpful if you have made some changes to your users, groups, or classrooms in Google and want it to update in School Manager.

  1. Select Configuration > Authentication > Google

  1. Select Run Sync

Google Integration Troubleshooting 

When will syncs run?

Google Classroom automatically syncs with School Manager once a week on the weekend, between 12:01AM Saturday and 11:59PM Sunday in your devices' timezone. However, you can manually run a sync if you need to propagate changes before the automatic sync period. Finally, you can enable teachers to manually sync their Google Classrooms from within Classwize.

I made changes to my classrooms, but I can’t see it in School Manager/Classwize

Syncs occur automatically between 12:01AM Saturday and 11:59PM Sunday in your devices' timezone.  If you need your changes to appear sooner than the next automatic sync, you will need to do a manual sync.

I’m getting a 429 Rate Limit error

This error is caused by sending too many requests to the API within a specified time period. Please contact Linewize Support to help you with the oAuth configuration.

I’m getting a 503 Service Unavailable error

This error is caused by the Google service being unavailable at the time of the sync. While this will typically resolve itself during the next automatic sync, you can try manually syncing at a later time. If this error occurs over multiple consecutive days, please contact Linewize Support for help.

I’m getting a 403 Classroom Disabled error

This error is typically caused when the Classroom API access is disabled. Enable the API is enabled by:

  1. Go to the Google Admin Console  > Apps > Additional Google Services > Settings for Classroom
  2. Ensure that the Service Status is set to ON

I’m getting an invalid_grant: Bad Request error

This error can be caused by using invalid Google domain account credentials. Please check the credentials you've provided and try again.