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Loading Parent Data into Community from School Manager
This article is for IT support . Community Parent Management in School Manager allows you to add parents' and guardians' details to students at your school. By linking or associating parents and guardians to students in School Manager, p...
Enable Community's Pause Internet Feature
You can allow parents to pause the internet on their child's devices from their Qustodio parent's app. Use School Manager to enable the feature only outside of school hours or any time of day.
Pause Internet FAQ for schools
This article discusses the frequently asked questions that IT administrators may have when using Community Pause Internet.
Setting up Linewize Community at your school New
Linewize Community helps schools support parents in creating a safe environment for learning and child development in and outside of the school.
Sharing student data with parents using Community
Student data sharing allows parents to see an aggregated view of their child’s usage data on school-managed devices for the current day or an overview of the last seven days.
Reporting on Community Take Up at your school
The Community Dashboard allows schools to quickly see how many parents have activated their Qustodio accounts (Community Take Up) and how many students have been claimed (Claimed Students).
Unlinking parents and students
Linking is the process in Linewize Community of creating an association or link between a parent/guardian and a student at your school.
Disconnecting parents and students
Parents and guardians at schools that use Linewize Community and School Manager can claim a student using the Qustodio Parent App
Modifying Parent Data for Community New
Community Parent Management in School Manager allows you to modify or remove existing details of parents and guardians of students at your school.
Troubleshooting Common Problems with Linewize Community’s Qustodio integration New
This article discusses some common problems with Linewize Community's Qustodio integration. It also includes some troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues.