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Classwize Configuration Overview
The Classwize Configuration page contains a variety of options to tailor your school or district's Classwize experience.
Configuring and Managing Classrooms
This article explains how IT Administrators can set up and manage classes using different methods such as syncing classrooms, importing a CSV or manually creating classrooms. This article also discusses naming convention recommendations and troubleshooting steps.
Enabling Classwize Features
Configuration Administrators and Global Administrators can use School Manager to control which of Classwize's features are available to Teachers.
Configuring Classwize Sign in Options
IT Administrators can use School Manager to configure if users can automatically sign-in to Classswize through ClassLink or the Connect for Chrome - Education Extension.
Creating Classwize Teachers and Substitute Teachers
Configuration Administrators and Global Administrators can assign groups of teachers to the Teacher and Substitute Teacher roles.
Enabling Classwize Block Rules Only Mode
Block Rules Only Mode (BROM) is a Classwize configuration intended for schools using a filtering solution other than School Manager.
Limiting Teachers' Available Classrooms
Configuration Administrators and Global Administrators can restrict the classes teachers can see within Classwize by using Group, Class and Provider filters.
Restricted Groups and Exceptions Groups
In School Manager, you can control which student tiles are shown in Classwize and which users can be added to Local classes. Configuration Administrators and Global Administrators use Restricted and Exceptions Groups to identify users who cannot have student tiles in Classwize or be manually added to classes.
Monitor Only Mode Classrooms
Monitor Only Mode Classes are a special class type of Local (ad-hoc) classroom that can be used to monitor student activity without interacting with the students in the class.
Setting Up Teachers' Access to Classwize Student Journey Report
This article describes the requirements and the steps on how to give teachers access to the Classwize Student Journey Report.
Domains to allow on your school’s Firewall for Classwize Live View
This article lists the IP addresses you need to allow on your school’s firewall so that Classwize’s Live View can work correctly when students are using Connect for Windows or macOS.
Classwize stuck on “We’re loading your classes as fast as we can” for IT Admins
If Classwize takes more than a minute to load your classes, please try these troubleshooting steps.
Logging in to Classwize from School Manager as a Teacher
As a Configuration or an Owner/Global administrator, you can log in to Classwize from School Manager as a Teacher to troubleshoot issues or configure class settings and Class Tools.
Requesting Classwize Chat Logs
This article outlines how IT administrators can request access to the chat logs from Classwize. At this stage, you must contact Linewize Support for help.
Setting Up Teachers’ Access to Classwize Reports
You can give access to Classwize Reports in three ways: allow all teachers to access Reports (default), allow some teacher groups to access Reports, block some teacher groups from accessing Reports.