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Checking the Category of a Site

The Signature/Category feature in School Manager allows you to find out what Category a domain, subdomain or signature belongs to. You will also see if any of your Content Filtering rules apply to the site or signature.

Checking the Category of a Site or Signature

  1. Navigate to Filtering > Content Filtering and select Signature/Category Search

  1. Type in the domain or subdomain you want to check. The domain or subdomain must be exact, and can’t include protocol information like https:// or www.
  2. Select Search

  1. You will now see the Categories that the domain or subdomain belongs to. In this example, belongs to the Gaming Category.

  1. If you have set up a Content Filtering rule to block that Category, it will show the rule with a Shield icon next to it. In this case, is subject to the Block - Gaming - All rule.

  1. When you are done with your search, select the X icon to close the window.

Signature/Category Search Troubleshooting

My search didn’t return any results

Signature/Category search will only return results if your search is for a specific domain or subdomain, which includes the top-level domain. Your search can’t be the name of the website, a URL, or include protocol information like http://,  https:// or www.  If your search is in the correct format, and you are still not getting any results, please contact Linewize Support United States (844) 723-3932 | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206.