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Adding and Editing Users in School Manager

This article is intended for IT support.

About School Manager users

There are two broad types of users in School Manager: users who access your school's network and resources, and users who can access School Manager itself. This article is about the first group, the students, teachers, non-teaching staff, and other people who use your school's network. . Unless these are assigned to a specific group or a classroom, they will all have the same permissions across the network. 

School Manager administrators can manually add and configure these users via Configuration > Users and Groups > Users.

The list of School Manager users who generated data in a set time frame is available via Statistics > Users. This page is available to most School Manager users, depending on their role or user permission.

Adding and authenticating users via third-party services

We recommend adding and authenticating users through an authentication service like LDAP, Google Integrations and Azure AD, or a School Information System (SIS) like Wonde. 

For more information, see the Authentication category for instructions on how to configure:

Contact Linewize Support United States (844) 723-3932 | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206 for help or more information about SIS integration.

Manually adding users to School Manager

While we recommend adding users by integrating your School Information Systems (SIS) with School Manager or third-party authentication services, this may not cover all users. You may need to add some teachers, non-teaching staff, and administrators manually.

  1. Go to Configuration > Users and Groups.
  2. Click Add User.
  3. On the Add User form, enter a new Username, and then click Add.
    NOTE: Letters should be in lowercase.
  4. On the Manage User form, enter:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Password
  • Provider ("Local" is the default if the user is added manually)
  • Provider DN (inactive if user is added manually)
  1. To assign the user to a group, select a group under Membership. Leave blank if a group is not yet configured for the user.
  2. Click SAVE.

The new user will appear on the Users list. This list is available only to School Manager administrators and is different from the users list on Statistics > Users


  • Email: You cannot add or modify user email addresses when creating users locally (or manually).

  • Provider and Provider DN: Provider indicates a user's authentication method or how they have been added to School Manager. Contact Linewize Support for help or refer to School Manager's authentication guides for more information.

  • Status: A user's status is either Active or Archived. Their status changes to "Archived" upon clicking the Archived check box in the Manage User form or if the user is removed from a third-party directory (for example, Google) for authenticating in  School Manager.

Managing users

Editing a local user's details

  1. Go to Configuration > Users and Groups 
  2. Locate the user on the Username column or use the Search bar.
  3. Click on their Username or their Edit icon on the Operations column.
  4. You can edit the user's:
    1. First Name and Last Name
    2. Password
    3. Archiving
    4. Quota
    5. Group Membership

Editing a synced user's details

Synced users' details should be managed within the third-party system, and then synced to School Manager. While it is possible to edit a synced user's details, they will likely be overwritten when a sync occurs.

Deleting a local user

  1. On the Operations column, click on the user's Delete icon on the Operations column.
  2. Confirm deletion of the user by clicking DELETE on the Confirm Delete? form.

Deleing a synced user

While it is possible to delete a synced user in School Manager, the user will reimport once a sync occurs. Synced users' should instead be first deleted from the third-party system.

When a sync completes after this step, the user will display as Archived. The user can then be deleted if required. 

Creating a temporary session for a user

Creating a temporary session allows the user to authenticate directly to the School Manager network instead of other means (ex: Captive Portal, Authentication Agent, etc.).

  1. On the Operations column, click the user's Key icon. The Create Temporary Session form will appear.
  2. Enter a valid IP address.
    NOTE:  The IP address must be the private IP address of the user who is trying to connect.


Can I use my school's student information system (SIS) to add users to School Manager?

School Manager supports several authentication methods to add and manage users. These include Google, Azure and LDAP/Active Directory. Contact Linewize Support United States (844) 723-3932 | Australia 1300 687 052 | New Zealand 0800 445 206 for help and advice, or refer to our Authentication help page.

Can I add guest users?

Yes, you can add guest users individually or in batches,  giving them temporary access to your school's network via the Guest configuration page. Temporary access can be set to expire after the guest's first login or after their account is created.

If teachers and students have the same permissions, how do you set up users as teachers?

To give a user teacher permissions (for example starting classes in Classwize), you must assign them to a teacher group and configure them in Classwize as teachers. This is done via Configuration > Classwize

See  Classwize Configuration Overview for more details.